I am a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine practicing in Toronto, Canada. I have been practicing since 2003 in British Columbia, overseas in Denmark and now in downtown Toronto. At the Centre for Integrated Healing (inspirehealth.ca) in B.C, a non-profit government funded cancer centre, I focused on Integrative medicine and cancer care. I spent a year specializing in  pain management and musculoskeletal acupuncture in Denmark and I am now happily practicing at Urban Wellness in Toronto,  a muti-disiplinary clinic with a primary focus on fertility and integrative cancer care. I have a diverse practice and work to support the individual, wherever they are on their healing journey. Patient education and empowerment is of utmost importance to me, helping the individual to have better understanding of their body, what they can do to change the pattern that got them to their current state and empowering them with tools that they can use to optimize their health in the future.

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  1. Ashley

    Great video. Caring and thoughtful information. No contact information???

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